Most expensive motorcycles!
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Generally most of the guys love having bike of their dream or the bike which is launched recently. New models come with new specifications and features along increased comfort ability and better speed limit. Motorcycle parts, in particular motorcycle exhaust parts are another way of giving your bike nicer appearance and increasing its value as well.

Here are some of the most expensive motorcycles added here:

Tron Light cycle

The value of this bike is estimated to be approximately $77,000, and it does have the computerized board and system not available for many premium bikes. An appearance which is different from rest, it is stylish as well as comfortable to drive. Controls have never been so easier without it. Motorcycle owners love to have motorcycle parts for this bike, so that they can make their bike nice as it is.

Confederate 120 wraith

One of the most powerful bikes available out there is this one; however its affordability can be difficult as the value is estimated to be $92,500. The engine is love by rider and feeling satisfied with any other bike is not easier after you have a ride on this one. The appearance is different from all; however its look can be match a bit like trail bikes out there.

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